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Project management of ZAC " RIVE CHARMANTE"


Ateve ingenierie takes charge of the mission of scheduling, piloting and coordination (SCP) for the project of the ZAC Situated in Marne, the project including development of public area, construction of 900 apartments, construction of an Eco-port, new hotel construction. We also undertook a complete project management plan for the roadways and utilities of the ZAC.

Ateve ingenierie and partner also did:

  • Estimation of earthwork in leveling and grading

  • Process design and management for integrated flood risk management

Maître d'ouvrage : SOCAREN

Lieu : Noisy-le-Grand (93)

Partenaires :

MUTABILIS (Paysagiste Urbaniste Mandataire)

SOUL Architecture (Architecte)

ALPHAVILLE (Programmation)

EREA CONSEIL (Mobilité Déplacement)

Montant total des travaux : 7 500 000 € H.T.

Surface : 10 ha

Date d'achèvement de l'ouvrage : -

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